About us

The vision of the Day Dream Therapy is to provide an environment where individuals and groups of people become rejuvenated and re-energized though the healing power of Massage.

Day Dream Therapy is a private therapeutic facility located in San Jose, CA. It was founded in 2001 with an aim to bring innovation and make a difference in physical and mental condition of each client. Originally founded by me Lupe Huesca at age 17, over the years as I developed a great reputation for my work and ran into difficult cases I was not able to help clients with so I started contracting Therapist with the knowledge and expertise I didn’t have. They deliver different unique and effective massage therapies that alleviate pain, reduce stress and provide relaxation and pleasure. Day Dream Therapy specializes in Infrared Therapy and now shares the office with Independent Contractors who specialize in Massage Therapy.

The Massage Therapist consists of friendly, reliable, experienced, highly educated and State Certified therapists that put their maximum effort into every individual client. Starting from addressing the main issues that initiate discomfort to finding the most convenient therapy and applying it afterwards, our therapists are fully focused on the recovery and relaxation of each client.

They each offer affordable, easily accessible, comprehensive and outstanding services that enable every person to find one or multiple adequate treatments at the same facility. The positive feedback and smiling faces of our clients after the treatment are the best motivators for  constant growth and strive to continue expanding the business and provide unique and effective therapies across the USA.