Welcome to Day Dream Therapy

The mission of Day Dream Therapy is to assist individuals and to develop and maintain a wellness lifestyle. Our integrated approach to health and well being combines preventive, alternative/complementary and traditional approaches to Massage Therapy.

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Our therapists are categorized in three levels, Health, Prevention and Recovery.

Through these levels we are able to describe the type of expertise you can expect from your Massage Therapist depending on the level of discomfort you are feeling.


Health: This is a passive massage for people who are healthy, have no problem areas and just want to relax with a full body massage.

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Preventative: For the more active clients who need more focused work with a Therapist who knows how to troubleshoot common and not so common chronic areas.

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Recovery: Helps our clients with the more advanced Body Therapy such as Sports, Injury and managing your condition with focused care.

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