Therapy Room

This is an innovative department that became one of our main symbols because it is only available at Day Dream Therapy and clients across the US come back to experience this comprehensive treatment. It consists of 3 services – Infrared Sauna, Steam Sauna and Hydro Massage Bed in a private suite you have to yourself with complete privacy and private bathroom.

All of these heated environments offer one-of-a-kind relaxation that completely revives people. Our clients come in with frowns on their faces and go out of the Therapy Room happy and rejuvenated!

The choice of which one to choose depends inclusively on you. You can try all of them and then decide whether you should continue with the full treatment or get one at the time.  All of these sectors have amazing features that will not only relax you but benefit your whole organism from the inside and out!

We offer the only Full Spectrum Sauna within 50 miles of San Jose which uses the concept of dry near, mid and far Infrared heat. Due to relatively low humidity, you will not sweat as much although the heat can reach up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Before entering the Infrared Sauna, please take a shower and don’t put any lotions or cleansers on your body because they would melt afterward. You will be asked to remove all the jewelry to avoid burns and we will give you a recommended amount of water to drink before entering the sauna to prevent dehydration. You will receive instructions on how to use the sauna and you can listen to stereo, read a book or simply meditate while getting treated. While enjoying the Infrared Sauna, it is recommended to brush, lightly scratch or tap the skin of your arms, legs, belly, and back while sitting inside in order to stimulate your pores to open more and boost the circulation at the surface of your body. After only a few minutes, the toxins from your body will start flowing out with your sweat. Relax and take all the time you want enjoying this treatment. When you are done, you should take a cold shower immediately. That will close your pores back up, pull the blood back to your core organs, and reinforce your natural defenses. Your circulation will be boosted, you will stay warm longer and all of your vital organs will show beneficial effects. Clients typically take three rounds for the sauna ritual but that depends on each individual so you can treat yourself in our Infrared Sauna as many times as you wish.

The steam and heat from this sauna soothe the nerve endings, warm and relax the muscles while relieving the tension and eliminating any existing joint pain. Although it is used for general relaxation and comfort, Steam Sauna is especially recommended for people suffering from arthritis, migraines, and headaches. The steam opens the airways, alleviates congestion and improves breathing so it is also recommended for people with asthma, bronchitis, and sinuses. Other features include the body detoxification, blood pressure decrease, weight loss and beneficial effect on all skin types and issues (acne, black spots, cellulite, etc.). We will provide you with water and instructions and you are ready to enter the Steam Sauna! Once you are inside, relax and enjoy the treatment fully and for as long as you feel comfortable. It is recommended to cool down for 10 to 15 minutes and take a shower, allowing your body to collect all the benefits from this treatment.

This water massage is a rejuvenating, self-contained and self-operated unit with a perfect mixture of extremely effective elements. It is a full, heated treatment that provides a combination of different benefits through hydro massage, heat and flotation therapy. All you have to do is lie down in the modern and comfortable design bed, let us adjust it for you in case you are visiting us for the first time and immediately start enjoying the benefits of this miraculous bed! It will treat all sides of your body, relieve the tension, pain, discomfort, muscle aches, and joints. It also treats cellulite while relaxing you in the best possible manner. You can even stay fully dressed if you like because you regardless of using the pressurized water, this system will not get you wet!