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Massage for expecting Mothers

Video of our set up for pregnancy massage There’s no better excuse to pamper yourself than being pregnant, especially as the word “backache” has special resonance for those with child and here’s a bonus: massage is also good for your baby. Dr Deepak Chopra, who gave a talk in Abu Dhabi in September last year, […]

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90 Minute Massage

Chances are, when you find yourself booking a massage, you don’t think about scheduling anything over an hour. An hour seems like a long enough time, right? Let me take a minute to make a plug for the 90 Minute Massage. As a massage therapist, I can say it is really hard to incorporate a […]

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FSA/ Flexable Saving Account & HSA/ Health Saving Plans

Do you have an FSA Account? In these difficult financial times, when stress levels are high and every dollar counts, massage is more necessary than ever. I am frequently asked if we can bill insurance for the services we provide. Many people don’t understand why it is not covered in most instances, considering other treatments […]

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