90 Minute Massage

60 vs 90

90 Minute Massage

Chances are, when you find yourself booking a massage, you don’t think about scheduling anything over an hour. An hour seems like a long enough time, right? Let me take a minute to make a plug for the 90 Minute Massage. As a massage therapist, I can say it is really hard to incorporate a full-body massage in just one hour. I find myself having to rush certain areas of the body that need more attention than I can give.  For instance, say you want to receive a 60 minute full-body massage but want extra massage on the legs and hands.  The only way I can incorporate a longer massage on the legs and hands is to take away from other areas or skip other areas all together.  The 90 Minute Massage is exactly enough time to accomplish a THOROUGH full-body.  If you are looking to receive more from your massage, book a 90 minute.


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